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What Is Direct Indexing

Direct Indexing enables Investors to trade the constituents of an Index instead of the Index itself. Advances in trading technology have made the implementation of Direct Indexing highly efficient thereby making it comparable with trading the Index. But this capability  affords the Investor a number of significant advantages, including

  • trade bespoke investments rather than one-size-fits-all Funds or ETFs

  • netted trading and optimization instead of this being cumulative with traditional means

  • avoids crowding by trading bespoke solutions

  • transparency enables much greater visibility of the investment stance

How Are We Different

The catalyst for the growth of Direct Indexing has primarily been the customization of ESG preferences and Tax Harvesting in the US  for Retail Investors

We have leveraged Direct Indexing technology to provide the Professional Investor the capability to customize and trade a vast array of rich institutional grade investment products


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